Growing Garlic in a Container

Growing Garlick in a Container

Growing garlic in a container-even indoors Article by Michael O’Halloron The garlic plant, or Allium Sativum, reaches a height of between two and four feet or so, which makes it ideal for container growing. This article is going to give you the correct information and encourage you to give it a try. There is nothing […]

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Compost Additives and Your Soil

How good are compost additives? Article by Matt O’Halloron Compost additives and your soil will make sure that plants will not suffer from improper or incomplete nutrition, will not grow poorly or stunted, nor be susceptible to various diseases and much more vulnerable to attack from natural predators. The best way to determine any deficiencies […]

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Organic Composting

Why compost for an organic garden? article by Mike O’Halloron Below are just a few of the excellent reasons why so many gardeners and horticulturists are taking advantage of organic composting at home. Ideal for growing organic herbs, fruits, and vegetables. Saves money on fertilizer and other store-bought gardening products. A good alternative to chemical […]

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